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I'm Gina Trapani. I build apps and web sites, and I like to write about the intersection of life and technology.

At work, I'm a Partner and Director of Engineering at Postlight, a digital product studio in New York City. Before Postlight, I founded sites and services like Makerbase, an IMDb for digital projects (acquired by Fog Creek), and ThinkUp, a social media analytics tool.

I'm probably best known for being the founding editor of Lifehacker (acquired by Univision), and the author of the Lifehacker book. I also created Todo.txt, an open source collection of text-based task list apps, and Narrow the Gapp, a web site about the gender pay gap. I'm @ginatrapani on Twitter, one of The New York Times' "Nine to Follow Among Millions."

Here's my formal, complete bio. Some nice strangers also wrote a Wikipedia page about me. To get in touch, you can send me an email to my usual username at Gmail or tweet at me.

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The Book

Lifehacker: The Guide to Working Smarter, Faster, and Better, third edition (2011), is a compendium of all the best hacks from's archives, and my personal manifesto on working more efficiently in the digital age.

Check out the official web site of Lifehacker the book to browse the table of contents and download a sample chapter.


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